Greg Horn

Greg's career has taken off with his stunning, high-profile covers for such Marvel projects as ELEKTRA, BLACK WIDOW: PALE LITTLE SPIDER, DEADLINE, MARVILLE, and the current EMMA FROST series. Greg has worked on a recently released NIKE ad featuring Lebron James.

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John Romita Sr.

Bio Image John’s first credited comic-book art which was for penciling and inking the 6 page story “The Bradshaw Boys” in Western Outlaws #1 which was published in 1954 by Marvel Comics. John later went on to take over the art duties of Amazing Spider-Man, which ran for 5 years and he became known for his clean “soap operatic” style of illustrating. After being promoted to the position of art director for Marvel, John was involved in many of the new characters being developed by Marvel including The Punisher and Wolverine.

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